Most Expensive Alfa Romeo

most expensive alfa romeo

Alfa Romeo is one of the world’s oldest and most famous luxury car brands. Their cars are so impressive that an Alfa Romeo fan wouldn’t mind owning the most expensive Alfa Romeo. Established in 1910, Alfa Romeo specializes in making luxury sports cars and has been involved in car racing since the company’s inception. Their … Read more

Most Expensive Bentleys 2022

It is no news that not everyone can afford a Bentley. They are expensive cars known for their high-end fashion, an absolute display of luxury, prestige, and class. Bentley is a British luxury car brand that has been in the business of hand-building cars for over a century. Manufactured in Crewe, North-West England, some of … Read more

Most Expensive Audi cars in the world

Audi is one of the most recognized luxury car brands in the world. They produce expensive cars, which should be expected considering their vehicles’ glam designs and exquisiteness. Audi cars are 100% galvanized and are corrosion-proof. The company is based in Ingolstadt, Germany, and was founded in 1909 by August Horch. The company’s name is … Read more

10 Most Expensive Acura Cars

most expensive acura

Acura cars depict class, style, and luxury. In fact, they have been ranked number #11 in luxury by the U.S News and World Report and have produced pretty expensive cars. Are you looking for the most expensive Acura? Here’s what you should know. Acura is the luxury segment of the Honda brand that was established … Read more

Most Expensive Hyundai

For years, Hyundai cars have proved worthwhile investments, making transportation more accessible and flexible for the average working class. But beyond that, they have become a means for luxury and prestige, manufacturing quite expensive dream cars. Although most Hyundai cars aren’t outrageously expensive, the brand has produced some of the most expensive Hyundai in the … Read more

Most Expensive Belts in the World (2022)

There are belts for every occasion, from casual jeans and sneakers to formal dress pants and ties. The most expensive types of belts, though, have diamonds set into the buckle or metalwork. Their price tag has ranked these ten belts, but you might be surprised at what belt is sitting at number one! 10. Ralph … Read more

Most Expensive Yugioh Cards in 2022

The Yugioh card game is a Guinness World Record trading card game developed and published by a Japanese man named Konami. This card is based on a fictional game called Duel Monsters, which the Manga artist Kazuki Takahashi created. One very interesting part of this game is the fact that players or even card shops … Read more

Most Expensive Golf Courses In The World.

Fancy yourself a keen golfer? Are you looking to play golf in some of the most luxurious courses available? Below is a list of the most expensive golf courses in the world. So read on and see if you can afford to take up one of these high-end offers. 10. Whistling Straits–$300. Built-in 1997, the … Read more