10 Most Expensive BMW Cars 2022

Cars are a means of transportation. However, some go beyond that function to become items that speak of luxury, class, fashion, wealth, and prestige. And car brands like BMW level up to these expectations. Existing for well over 100 years, the BMW brand stands out for producing some of the most expensive luxury cars every … Read more

Most Expensive Makeup brands

most expensive makeup brands

Due to the quality of materials used in producing these cosmetic items, they cost a fortune. If you’re wondering which makeup brands are the most expensive in the world, we have put together a list for you. These brands are quite popular for their originality and product quality. 10. Smashbox. The 10th entry on this … Read more

Most Expensive Soccer Cleats.

Soccer cleats are expensive for many reasons. Some are custom-made, and some are made with pretty expensive and rare materials. Are you looking for the most expensive soccer cleats to increase your collection? Here’s a list of the most expensive soccer cleats. You’d be amazed that some of these cleats have been worn by your … Read more

Why Is The Mona Lisa So Expensive

Mona Lisa is a valuable painting recognized worldwide as probably the most famous work of art in existence. In fact, its worth is close to a billion dollars. Before now, the Mona Lisa was seen as just another Renaissance masterpiece until the theft in 1911, which led to its worldwide fame, making it a pretty … Read more

How Much Cash Do Billionaires Have?

A billionaire is a wealthy person whose net worth is at least one billion dollars. All over the world, there are roughly 2,755 billionaires in existence. You might think that since billionaires are so wealthy, they have lots of cash at their disposal to pay for just about anything they want. Contrary to what you … Read more

10 Most Expensive Supreme items In The World

A brand like supreme lives up to its name. It is a foremost luxury brand founded in New York City in 1994. The Supreme brand was formerly concerned with just the production of skating items, but over the years, it has branched out to make some of the world’s most expensive, rare luxury items in … Read more