Most Expensive Yugioh Card

The Yugioh card game is a Guinness World Record trading card game developed and published by a Japanese man named Konami. This card is based on a fictional game called Duel Monsters, which the Manga artist Kazuki Takahashi created. One very interesting part of this game is the fact that players or even card shops … Read more

Most Expensive Golf Courses In The World.

Fancy yourself a keen golfer? Are you looking to play golf in some of the most luxurious courses available? Below is a list of the most expensive golf courses in the world. So read on and see if you can afford to take up one of these high-end offers. 10. Whistling Straits–$300. Built-in 1997, the … Read more

Most Expensive NFTs In The World

The NFTs markets have experienced tremendous growth in the past 3 years, becoming very expensive. NFTs are Non- fungible tokens. They are irreplaceable and cannot be exchanged easily. This is what makes them Non- fungible. NFTs enable you to buy and sell ownership of rare digital items, and they represent a wide range of items, … Read more

Most Expensive Bras in the World

most expensive bra in the world

Bras are staple items that you can find in every lady’s closet. Bras give support and are pretty much a must-have for every lady. Although most people are concerned with the fit, design, and comfort, some ladies are more concerned with the price and the designer. Different brands have mastered the art of making the … Read more

Most expensive flowers in the world

We can all attest to the importance of flowers. Apart from beautifying our gardens and homes, flowers serve as a symbol of deep emotion. We send them with our loved ones, especially in seasons like Valentine’s. They feel our nose with scented aromas and give us temporary luxury. While some flowers are not so expensive, … Read more

10 Most expensive schools You Can Attend.

Having a wholesome learning experience in a conducive and enabling environment sometimes costs a fortune. While some schools (public) have a relatively free educational system, there are top expensive schools that charge high yearly tuition for similar services. To attend some of the best schools in the world, you must be willing to part with … Read more

10 Most Expensive Richard Mille Watches

If you’re a sucker for cool wristwatches, you may have heard of the most expensive Richard Mille watches. Produced by the Richard Mille brand, these watches are renowned for their aesthetic look, visible movements, spline line, and characteristic cases. What’s more, they are produced with the finest of materials. You can instantly recognize a Richard … Read more

10 Most Expensive Jordans Shoes.

most expensive jordan shoes

Shoes are probably the first thing people notice when anyone makes an appearance. This is the 38th year since Jordans sneakers became a trailblazer in the footwear industry, and Nike has produced the most expensive Jordans in the world. Jordans is an iconic sneaker brand that has pushed the shoe game some notches higher. They … Read more