The 15 Most Expensive Graphics Cards

If you’re a computer guru or gaming geek, you’ll know graphics cards are pretty important. They are pieces of computer hardware that help produce the images you see on your computer. While some are easy to afford, others are incredibly expensive. We’ll look at the 15 most expensive graphics cards and why they are this expensive.

15. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 – $1,368.30 

GeForce RTX 2080 Graphics Card

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 is an upgrade of the NVIDIA GeForce edition. It is known for its best performance and is excellent for your gaming needs. It is powered by a GPU architecture that will give you maximum performance.

It has an 11GB memory and a 4k resolution that works with no glitch. With this device, you will experience real-time ray-tracing and realistic graphics.

14. NVIDIA Titan RTX – $2499 

This is the fourteenth most expensive graphics card on this list. It has 24GB of the latest GDDR6 RAM and is known for its maximum performance. Also, it has a 7000MHz memory clock speed and features the latest PCI-E GPU interface.

With this graphics card, you will have the best experience playing any game of your choice. Also, it is great for architectural and design purposes. This device costs over $2000

13. NVIDIA Titan V – $2999

NVIDIA Titan V is another powerful graphics card that is worth $2999. It is a super computing Volta-based graphics card that has a stunning performance.

It features a 12GB HBM2 memory, 640 Tensor Cores, and Volta-optimized NVIDIA CUDA for maximum results. With this device, you will have access to deep learning and top performance.

12. GTX Titan Z – $3000

This is another most expensive graphics card. It features a 4k ultra max setting and a 12 GB Ram. It also has an enlarged cooling chamber that helps to keep the interior temperatures down. With this graphics card, you can run your gaming at ease.

Also, its structures are equipped with 5760 Cuda Cores that provide several processing functions. This graphics card is worth $3000.

11. NVIDIA Tesla M10 GPU Computing Processor -$3,849

most expensive graphics card

NVIDIA Tesla M10 GPU computing processor is a 32GB memory that will meet your needs. This graphics card features a PCI-E graphics interface and PCI-E x 16 hardware interface. Also, it has a clock speed of 2600MHz.

This device produced by the HP Company is famous for its best performance. It is great for designers and engineers.

10. Zotac Zt- T20800d-10p gaming GeForce RTX 2080 -$3899

This is another expensive graphics card with a selling price of over $3000. This graphics card will serve your gaming needs since it has a powerful GPU with GDDR6 memory. Interestingly, it was designed especially for gaming.

It features an 8GB 256-bit GDDR6 that has three fans to help reduce overheating. It also has an OC scanner that gives a stable graphics clock setting in a few minutes.

9. HP R0Z45A NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 -$3850

This is another pretty expensive graphics card produced by the popular HP. It is a high-performance device that will give you the high-resolution graphics you desire. It features a 24 GB Ram made by GDDR6.

With this device, you can experience an instant output when connecting the GPU with a high-speed PCI-E interface. The GPU it contains has a cooling fan that helps prevent overheating. Also, it gives you the best performance for your gaming needs.

8. NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 $4,499

Quadro RTX 6000

This is another expensive graphics card. It is known as the world’s first ray-tracing GPU. It features new RT Cores, and Tensor Cores, making real-time ray tracing and Al-enhanced workflows easy to use for designers and creative professionals.

It comprises a quad DisplayPort for standard video and a single USB Type-C port. It also gives an interesting high-resolution visual experience for users. With this graphics card, you can view your work in the most appealing visual space. NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 is worth over $4000.

7. D73P8 Dell NVIDIA Quadro 5000m 2GB N10e-Glm 5 -$5035

This is another quite expensive graphics card. It is excellent for gaming and will give you your much-needed experience. It has a cooling fan that prevents it from overheating, which means you can use it for a long time.

The GPU present in this device has 2GB GDDR5 RAM and a PCI-E graphics card interface users will find quite useful. It is an excellent product from Dell and costs over $5000.

6. Hewlett Packard Enterprise graphics card -$5509

Hewlett Packard enterprise graphics card is not your regular graphics card. It is known to have one of the most powerful GPUs in the world. It features a 48GB memory that lets you play any game of your choice.

With this graphics card, your videos will be high-resolution videos. What’s more, it is an excellent fit for designers, engineers, and scientists to run projects. You can also run complex simulations with high-resolution graphics using this device.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise graphics card costs over $5000 and is worth the price.

5. HPE Quadro RTX 6000 – $6690

If you’re looking for technology with enhanced speed and best performance, then this latest graphics card by Hpe is for you. It features GDDR6 RAM with 24GB and a chipset of Quadro RTX 6000 designed by NVIDIA.

This graphics card is specifically designed to enrich graphics for running virtual simulations. It has an advanced GPU and is perfect for deep learning, hardware-accelerated ray-tracing, and advanced shading to boost productivity.

4. Supermicro NVIDIA Tesla V100 – $7689

Supermicro NVIDIA Tesla V100 is the fourth most expensive graphics card on this list. It is known for its multiple tasking abilities. With this graphics card, you can process over one simulation at a time. This simulation can be simple or complex.

Interestingly, it also has high performance in deep learning. Supermicro NVIDIA Tesla V100 is also great for running the DL framework and is perfect for your gaming experience.

3. NVIDIA Quadro GV100 Volta – $8509

This is a graphics video card known for its photo-realistic rendering and Virtual Reality simulation experience. It features 32GB RAM and a 4096-bit memory interface. With this graphics card, you can experience maximum performance.

The NVIDIA chipset present in this card was designed by Quadro. As much as it is expensive, it does the job. It is an excellent fit for designers, engineers, scientists, and gamers as well.

2. HP Q1K34A NVIDIA Quadro GV100 – $8879

The HP Q1K34A NVIDIA Quadro GV100 is the second most expensive graphics card. We know its GPU for how fast it can run. It has a chip that can run the top 1000 games efficiently. It is a great graphics card for games and is definitely worth the price.

NVIDIA designed the Quadro chipset of this GPU. It specializes in deep learning and delivers high performance.

1. NVIDIA Tesla V100 Volta GPU Accelerator – $8909/$9909

most expensive graphic cards

NVIDIA tesla v100 Volta GPU accelerator is the most expensive graphics card costing over $9000. Its GPU has the fastest graphics coprocessor. In fact, it has 32 GB RAM and a PCI-e graphics interface that are topnotch.

With this graphics card, you can run any AI simulation with any resolution level. It is perfect for programmers, engineers, architects, researchers, and designers alike. Also, it is an ideal fit for your gaming needs. With this graphics card, you can do the impossible.

Why graphics cards are so expensive 

If you have attempted buying graphics cards for your computer, you would have noticed how expensive these devices are. Sadly, they have been that way for a while. The question I’m assuming that has run through your minds is why? Why are graphics cards so expensive?

Graphics cards are expensive for several reasons. Apart from how cool they look, some features have made the prices incredibly high. First, visual experience in today’s world is much more critical than ever. The average graphics card user wouldn’t want less of this experience.

Most graphics cards produced are of higher quality. Since technological advancement spiraled, tech companies are doing their best to keep up with the demand. Producing new and more advanced models of products. These products are of higher quality than before, and most people will pay a ridiculous amount to have access to these advanced techs.

Other reasons include inflation, the popularity of gaming and its huge dependence on graphics cards, and the rise of cryptocurrencies and supply and demand. These are some reasons graphics cards are so expensive.


Graphics cards are very much important, especially to gamers. While some have incredibly high prices, others are fair and affordable. But if you want a graphics card with high resolution and maximum visual performance, you can try out some of these expensive ones on this list.

With the high supply and demand for these devices and new models being released every other day, chances are the prices will remain incredibly high for a while.

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