The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs in the World

We all know that there’s nothing more important than your work. You spend a lot of time at the office, so why not be as comfortable as possible? Here are 10 of the most expensive chairs in the world.

These chairs have been designed for those who want to feel like they’re sitting on top of their desk and will let you sink into them with ease. If you want an office chair that won’t break your budget, these aren’t for you!

10. Think Chair from Steelcase – $1,448.

Steelcase’s Think Chair is a top-notch office chair for everyone. With a price tag of just $1,448, this chair is on the lower end of the scale compared to the others on the list of the most expensive office chairs in the world. The sale price, on the other hand, keeps it on this list. Particularly considering the chair’s design.

The Think Chair has a simple, subtle design. At first glimpse, it appears to be a typical office chair with tires and extendable armrests. The ergonomic design, however, is responsible for the high price tag. This is a common trait of high-end office chairs.

Essentially, you can adjust any part of the chair from the seat to the armrests, back, and footrest. Furthermore, this chair is made purely of 95 percent recyclable materials, with the remaining 28 percent already recycled. This makes it eco-friendly and portable.

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9. Aston Chair – $3,234.

most expensive office chairs

In comparison to the other office chairs on this list of the most expensive office chairs in the world, the Aston Chair was crafted fairly recently. The seat, invented by Jean-Marie Massaud in 2006, has a markedly contemporary twist, especially concerning the chair’s stylish-looking bottom, which is refined aluminum.

The Aston Chair comprises molded polyurethane casing instead of different components like all other office chairs. This means that the chair features a svelte and smooth appearance that is not found in even the other office chairs. There aren’t others like it.

In terms of upholstery, there are many alternatives from which to choose. There’s also a leather upholstery choice in a variety of colors for the most lavish option. Alternatively, if you would like to save money, the designer can complete the chair in synthetic leather, cloth, or the user’s own personalized fabric.

8. The Eames Executive Chair – $3,819.

The Eames Executive chair, which was created for the Time-Life building in New York City in the mid-1960s, has been on the list of most expensive office chairs in the world for decades. The specifics are what make this chair alluring. Charles Eames, the creator, took pride in them.

The Eames Executive Chair is intended to appear pricey and exquisite. It accomplishes this in several ways. First, there’s the structure. The chair is made of aluminum, which gives it a durable and significant aesthetic. Second, it is exquisitely decked in leather, complete with encased buttons and tufting.

The size of the chair also contributes to the overall opulence. The seat is particularly deep and padded, with overstuffed armrests. These qualities make the seat comfy to sit in for long periods at the office. It has remained at the high end of the market for a simple fact: it offers unparalleled comfort.

7. Fritz Hansen Oxford Chair – $4,043.

Fritz Hansen Oxford High Back chair |

Although the first seat on the list of the most expensive office chairs in the world might be affordable to the average individual, the Fritz Hansen Oxford Chair is a massive step up in cost, costing more than $4,000. The initial chair was crafted in 1965 for faculty members at Oxford University in England, which is still in use today.

The Oxford Chair, in comparison to the earlier chair, is made of robust and traditional office chair components: metal and leather. The chair still is available in its classic color scheme of walnut leather and shiny chrome steel, giving it a terrific retro feel that is popular these days.

Amidst their traditional looks, the Oxford Chairs can be personalized. They are available in seven different materials and six various kinds of hides, with a variety of break choices and three distinct chair back heights. You genuinely end up with your own unique take on a traditional look.

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6. Vitra Skape Lowback Chair – $6,130.

The Vitra Skape Lowback Chair features classic components – chrome and leather – and a contemporary design, offering it a one-of-a-kind appearance. The style attempts to integrate the overall convenience of a comfy chair with the functionality of a traditional office chair. It achieves both tasks admirably.

Unlike the other most expensive office chairs in the world, the Vitra Skape lacks extendable armrests in favor of a wraparound design reminiscent of an antique wingback chair. This grants the chair a cozy feel that helps keep your workplace inviting and comforting instead of inconvenient and confrontational.

This chair, like an office design, has a fully automated weight adjustment mechanism. This indicates that as you move in your seat, the chair adjusts to keep you comfortable. The backrest also opens at a large angle. The chair does have some outstanding comfortable features as well as a vintage appearance.

5. Arne Jacobson Egg Chair – $7,891.

most expensive office chairs

The Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, remains one of the world’s most opulent hotels. The design was developed by Arne Jacobson. The Arne Jacobson Egg Chair was intended for the reception area, but it is still one of the most expensive office chairs in the world.

In Jacobson’s opinion, the Egg Chair was genuinely envisioned as a piece of artwork. His process was initiated in his storage shed with large clay soil. After shaping the original form, he molded the internal foam shell, creating the structural framework for the finished product.

Jacobson attempted, with the Egg Chair, to contrast the hotel’s sharp lines and simple and elegant interior with gentle, sweeping lines. The chair also tries to imitate the curvatures of the human body, making it appealing for curling up by the fire. You can still find the earliest chairs in the hotel.

4. Wegner Swivel Chair – $10,600.

The Wegner Swivel Chair features a distinct personality that sets it apart from other most expensive office chairs in the world. It has a very clean and simple aesthetic that is more reminiscent of a designing desk than a business office room. Nevertheless, the seat’s design and implementation contribute to its high price.

The Wegner chair, like the preceding one, was crafted by a Danish creator. One factor that distinguishes this chair from other office chairs Wegner crafted is the mixture of components used in its construction. It is made of a combination of chrome pipe, leather or wool-blend, and timber.

The chair’s structure is also ergonomically friendly while remaining unyielding in terms of style. Using only one bit of wood, the wooden back support twists graciously into the armrests. Furthermore, the backrest’s simple design gives adequate mid to lower back support.

3. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Chair – $45,000.

A chair owned by a successful author is perhaps the most attractive idea for one of the most expensive office chairs in the world for aspiring writers. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Chair (which she seated on while penning the series) was just auctioned off for more than forty thousand dollars.

And apart from its novelistic associations, the chair seems to be relatively simple. She used a simplistic, older hardwood dining room chair as her office chair. It has a cloth seat for added comfort, as well as a rose decorated on the fabric. The legs are also ornamental.

Although the chair does not provide much in terms of convenience or versatility, it’d be an excellent option for an ambitious young writer’s office chair. Its place as one of the most expensive office chairs in the world is based solely on its literary history instead of style and design.

2. Kennedy Cabinet Chairs – $146,500.

The Kennedy Cabinet Chairs are also one of the most expensive office chairs in the world, owing to their historical relevance. While well-made and robust, the chairs themselves were not designed by anyone noteworthy; they are basic Chippendale style sixties office chairs.

The chairs’ worth is derived from their heritage and etiology. After President John F. Kennedy was murdered, his wife, Jacelyn Kennedy, offered Secretary Robert McNamara the two cabinet chairs. He was the only government official to obtain such a present from the first lady.

The whereabouts of the chairs until they were given to McNamara are unknown, but the first lady’s message accompanying them states that the president used to spend time in them. That’s what offers them their legendary, exorbitant price tag. The appeal of JFK’s presidency casts a spell on them.

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1. Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina – $1.5 million.

The Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina, crafted by the same people who designed Ferraris and Cadillacs, is widely regarded as the number one on the list of the most expensive office chairs currently on the market. It is also intended to become the most expensive chair ever produced or available for purchase.

The seat and cloth are also designed to add to the chair’s superior comfort. Using Technogel, the seat adapts to the person. This eliminates stress and ensures consistent relaxation. The fabric is breathable and delicate, and it is the same cloth that elite athletes wear.

The chair is available in four different colors: blue, gray, red, and anthracite. It has a gleaming finish for a stylish and vibrant look. This chair exudes modernistic comfort in every way. The price is high, but the chair is probably the most innovative office chair available today.


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