Most Expensive Pocket Knives in the World

Knives are essential tools of our everyday life. We use them to handle even the little things in our kitchen. Around the world, different pocket knives have made statements in the Knife market for their prices, like the Japanese high-end hand-crafted knives that are pretty pricey. If you think Japanese knives are expensive, see the most expensive pocket knives in the world.

About Pocket Knives 

Knives are common household tools found in our kitchens. They include regular knives and pocket knives. While regular knives are 6-15 inches in length, pocket knives are small knives. They are smaller than regular knives, and we can carry them around in our pockets. They are versatile and come in handy every time.

Pocket knives come with folding blades and range in sizes between 2-6 inches. They are used for cutting ropes, opening envelopes, slicing a piece of fruit, amongst others. They even serve as a means of self-defense. Pocket knives are also called penknives or Jackknives.

Why are Pocket Knives Expensive?

You may be wondering why some pocket knives are more expensive than others since they are virtually for our everyday use. Well, knives, in general, are expensive due to specific reasons. Some knives are produced with very high-quality materials and bejeweling.

What’s more, a pocket knife is considered expensive due to the hard labor, ancient history, and the designer. If the designer is top-notch and demands heavy pricing, it just means the product he designs will automatically be expensive. Let’s look at the most expensive pocket knives popular in the world.

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10. Benchmade TI Monolock Family – $340

Benchmade TI Monolock Family is number 10 on our list of most expensive pocket knives. It is among the popular products of the Benchmade brand. This TI monoblock is made in the USA.

Its handles are made of titanium, while its blades are premium Australian stainless steel of about M390. It has contoured handles that make it look attractive. It also has a pocket clip attached to it.

The Benchmade TI Monolock family is suitable for daily use. It is a fantastic pocket knife perfect for a gentleman’s everyday carry. It also has smooth lines with excellent precision machine work. This pocket knife is known for its sharp blade performance. It is pretty slim and opens easily at the thumb stud.

Previously, it was priced at $400; however, its current price is about $340. The smaller version of this product is the Benchmade Mini TI Monolock Family.

9. Cold Steel Espada – $649.99


Cold steel Espada is another pricey pocket knife produced by the cold steel brand. It is a stunning handy knife with a curved blade made from premium American alloy steel. In fact, it is no ordinary knife; it is a pocket sword. It has a massive long handle that is about 6.75 inches.

This handle is made from polished G-10 aluminum. It has excellent shock resistance and strength. It may be big, but it can hang comfortably in your pocket. Cold steel Espada is sold at $649.99. If you’re interested in a pocket sword for your daily use, then this expensive knife should be considered.

8. Benchmade 535 – 191 Bugout – $ 699.95

This pocket knife is a unique design of the Benchmade collection. In fact, it is one of the best-selling knives in history. Benchmade 535-191 Bugout is a designer pocket knife with a carbon fiber handle outlined with C –Tek inlays of blue.

Its blade is coated with Damascus steel and other high-quality materials. It has a pocket clip, hardware, and PVD liners, making it a safe, solid, and easy-to-use pocket knife. What’s more, it has an ambidextrous lock and opener.

This unique Benchmade collection is famous for its simplicity and lightweight. The price range for this pocket knife is around $699.95 to $750, depending on the retail outlet. With the cutting-edge flip-open feel it has, you will instantly love its smooth charm.

7. XOC CRKT – $750

Most expensive knives

CRKT XOC is another expensive pocket knife designed by Flavio Ikoma. It is built with an essence that combines clarity, strength, and usability. Its blade is made from CTS0 XHP carpenter steel with a satin-like finish. The handles are also crafted with carbon fiber and titanium.

This pocket knife stands out for its simplicity. It is easy to use and has a blade length of 4.26inch. CRKT XOC is priced at $750. It might be a little too pricey for a pocket knife, but its high quality makes it very much worth every penny.

It fits your everyday use and will fit comfortably in your deep-end pocket regardless of its size.

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6. Lancet Ouroboros – $5,500

most expensive pocket knives

Lancet Ouroboros is known for its ancient calm feel. It is a hand-engraved knife made by William Henry. It features 24 karat gold inlays and copper, while its blade is crafted from Hornets Nest Damascus Steel. It has a one-hand button system that gives you comfort when you hold it.

Lancet Ouroboros is famous for its outstanding features and beautiful details. It comes with a leather case and a wooden presentation box.

When you purchase this pocket knife, every engraving will give you a reason why it is priced at $5,500. Lancet Ouroboros is on the list of most expensive, and it is so for many good reasons.

5. Black Panther Knife – $8,150

You can already tell from the knife’s name that it carries a certain aura of strength and exquisiteness. Black Panther knife is a well-decorated pocket knife that can be found in luxury shops online.

It features a well-crafted blade made from Damascus steel decorated with an image of a panther’s head. The handle is made from walnut and has a sterling silver panther head decorated with gemstones.

The blade is also designed with gold engravings. This pocket knife can also serve as a hunting knife. It is an excellent gift to get for someone. The price is worth it.

4. Gentak Makaran knife – $12,500

expensive pocket knives

Another expensive pocket knife worthy of note is the Gentak Makaran Knife which is worth 12,500 dollars. It is a staggering knife made by William Henry. It has a one-hand button lock similar to that of the Lancet Ouroboros pocket knife. Its blade is made from Hornets’ nest Damascus steel.

What makes this knife appealing is its striking decorations are full of aesthetics and finely crafted. It also features a beautiful handle engraved with 24-carat gold inlays. It also combines gemstones and walnut wood.

The quality of the Gentak Makaran pocket knife makes it worth the price. It is simply a beautiful piece of pocket knife that you can get as a gift.

3. Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife -$18,500

Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife is the third most expensive pocket knife on this list. It is simply adorned in beauty, elegance, and class. It was designed through a collaboration between three great designers.

Monarch steampunk is richly balanced with excellent artistry, functionality, and style. It features sculptured details engraved with 24-carat gold, silver, and copper inlays. Its blade is hand-crafted from Damascus steel.

Monarch steampunk Dragon Knife is a one-off piece. It is priced at $18,500, which is quite expensive.

2. Spearpoint Lace knife – $25, 000

Spearpoint Lace knife is another of William Henry’s beautiful creations. It is known for its beautifully decorated blades and fancy handle. The blade, as usual, is a cutting-edge hand-crafted Damascus steel. Its handle is engraved with 24 karat gold that makes it pretty chic.

This pocket knife has a one-hand button lock that is easy to flex. The pricing of this item is true to its high-end quality. It is a remarkable piece priced at $25,000 and is worth every penny.

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1. The Gem of Orient – $2.1million

Gem of the Orient Knife

You may be wondering what makes this pocket knife this expensive. The Gem of Orient is currently the most expensive pocket knife in the world. Its materials are made of top high-end quality. The blade alone is made from 10 carats and 9 carats diamond.

If you take a look at this knife, you will notice the silent charm with which it was designed. The Gem of Orient, designed by Buster Warenski, is simply a divine creation. It embodies 153 emeralds and weighs up to 5 karats.

This pocket knife is worth $2.1 million and is adorned in exquisiteness as though it was designed specifically for a royal. You can never go wrong with such a pricey piece of creation.


Knives are made for different purposes. While some are great for hunting, cutting, and slicing, others are just better collected as souvenirs. If you do not have a whooping 2.1 million to purchase the world’s most expensive pocket knife, there are other less pricey ones you can have access to.