10 Most Expensive Rum In The World

Rum is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting and distilling sugarcane juice. The Caribbean, South America, and North America are specialized in making the best rums in the world. It is also produced in Taiwan and the Philippines, which are sugar-producing countries. There are many rums created across the world but here is the most expensive rum in the world and they are seen as follows.

10. Rhum Clement 1952 – $1200.

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The first time this Rum got to the world was back in 1952 and to date, it is one of the most expensive rums in the world. It is known for its great taste and nice color, which makes it the choice of Rum lovers around the world.

The Rum was first produced by Homere Clement and that is where the name Rhum Clement comes from.

Homere Clement was a doctor and mayor in his hometown. He comes up with the tradition of adding a picture of himself to every bottle of the rum.

What prompted the creation of this drink can be traced back to world war 1 when there was a huge demand for alcoholic beverages.

The bottle of the drink is 70cl and it sells for 1200 dollars in the current day. He built a distillery in which he produced one of the best rum in the world. He endured the business by passing it on to his son who continued the business after his demise.

9. Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo – $1360.

The Havana Club Maximo Extra Anejo Rum is one of the most expensive rums in the world and it sells for 1360 dollars. Apart from being expensive, it is also one of the finest rum ever made. The drink is known to be nice in taste and has a nice color that makes alcohol lovers urge for a cup.

The rum originated from Cuba and to date, it has been able to maintain its Cuban tradition. The rum is distilled and bottled by one of the best rum makers in the world.

The rum is made from a combination and mixture of different rums. The rums mixed are one of the finest and it is used to create one of the best in the world.

However, it took a long time before the makers of the rum made its sale official. It wasn’t devastating after its release because it turned out to be one of the best made.

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8. Ron Bacardi de Maestro de Ron MMXII – $2500.

When mentioning one of the best and most expensive rums in the world, Ron Bacardi de Maestro de Ron MMXII cannot be ignored.

It has been existing for about 150 years. Since then, it has been able to build a vast customer base who appreciates the drink. It is a dry and sweet rum with a pleasant aftertaste and it is loved for its unique taste. The bottle has an aesthetic design that makes people love it.

The rum is obtained from the mixing and blending of the finest rums and it has a deep amber color and bronze tint.

It has other nice flavors like nutmeg, dried pineapple, dark and bitter chocolate, and prune. It has a sturdy cork that preserves its aroma. The rum sells for 2500 dollars per bottle and it is acknowledged for its great quality.

7. Bacardi millennium Rum – $2779.

This rum is a limited edition from Bacardi and it has a unique look and taste that is peculiar to Bacardi rums. Bacardi millennium Rum sells for 2779 dollars and it is one of the most expensive rums in the world. The rum was first produced specifically for the Atlantic Resort in the Bahamas.

The bottle of the rum features a nice layout and from the bottle alone, you can tell that the rum has good quality and is quite expensive.

A single bottle can last up to 8 years because of its good and original preservatives which make every buyer have more quality for money.

So far, only 3000 bottles have been manufactured. Each bottle comes with a certificate of authenticity which makes everyone know that they are buying the original rum.

6. Bacardi Superior Rum 1940 – $2824.

most expensive rums

The name Bacardi is the household name for one of the best rums in the world. The very first bottle of the rum was sold in 1940 but it has a history that dates back to 1814 when the manufacturer Facundo Bacardi experimented on other ways of creating rum.

The major aim of his experiment is to create a unique rum that is different from what is already available. He succeeded in the quest and he opened a distillery in collaboration with his brother in 1862.

The distillery was used in producing Bacardi superior rum which is now one of the most expensive rums in the world and it sells for 2824 dollars. Each bottle of the rum comprises 46% alcohol and it is widely known to have one of the finest tastes amongst other rums in the world.

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5. Original Royal Naval Rum Tot – $3000.

As the name denotes, the Original Royal Naval Rum Tot is a rum for the royals and it is one of the most expensive rums in the world.

The narrative of rum can be traced back to 300 years ago when the manufacturers tried myriad techniques to create the best rum in the world.

When you take a sip of this drink, it has a long-lasting aftertaste. You taste blackberries, coffee, and tobacco at the same time. It is made from a mixture of the best ingredients in the world.

The drink cannot be seen at ordinary parties. Initially, It was served only at royal functions and weddings. The rum was bottled by Elixir Distillers. The last bottle of this great rum was auctioned for 3000 dollars.

4. 50-Year-old Appleton Estate – $6630.

The 50-Year-old Appleton Estate rum was bottled in the UK. This particular drink is one of the most expensive rum and it has reasons for being that expensive.

It was released in 2012 solely to honor the 50th independence in Jamaica. As the name implies, the rum was stored in oak barrels for fifty years. Presently, rum is known to be the oldest rum to be sold.

The rum comes in a very attractive bottle with a substantial and quality seal which makes it recognizable as the exact one.

The rum is the fourth most expensive in the world and it sells for 6630 dollars. It has different flavors which make every buyer have varieties to choose from. It is quite easy to purchase one of these rums. Some online vendors sell it at a fixed price.

3. Barbados Private Estate 1780 – $10,667.

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The history of this rum can be traced to 231 years ago when the rum was distilled by Edward Lascelles, who was the first Earl of Harewood.

Later on, the rum was discovered by David Lascelles, the 8th Earl of Harewood who made it prominent during this time. Barbados Private Estate rum is the world’s oldest rum and it is highly respected by most people.

In the 1900s, rum joined the list of the most expensive rum in the world when it was sold for 10667 dollars. The fundamental reason for this rum being so valuable is because of when it was manufactured. It is an antique rum that most people have heard or read about.

It is also known for good quality and soothing taste which makes it the favorite of many rum lovers.

2. Legacy by Angostura – $25,000.

Among every other rum bottle, Legacy by Angostura has one of the finest bottles. It has a crystal decanter design formulated by a British Jeweler. To an extent, looking at a bottle alone suggests that the drink must be a very expensive one.

Many suggest that the bottle of rum makes them more expensive than others. A bottle of rum cost 25000 dollars when it was sold.

For 17 years, the rum was left to keep aging and then filled in its beautiful bottles to sell to rum lovers. The rum has flavors ranging from clove, tropical fruits, and vanilla. It has a very nutty and spicy aftertaste which makes it top-notch amongst other rums in the world.

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1. 1940s J. Wray and Nephew – $54,000.

The world’s most expensive rum on the list is a 1940 bottle of J. Wray and Nephew. The founder of the company was John Wray. Later on, Charles Ward who was John’s nephew takes over after the demise of John and that’s where the name of the rum comes from.

Charles was able to operate the business for years in Jamaica. For 70 years, each bottle was distilled before its distribution for sale. A bottle of this rum costs 54000 dollars and only four bottles are available for sale all over the world.


In this ranking, every of the most expensive rum has reasons for being expensive. Some are that expensive because of their bottling and quality, while others are expensive because they are ancient and unique rum.


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