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What is Octomom Net Worth in 2022

Octomom took the world by surprise and gained international attention when she gave birth to the first set of surviving octuplets through IVF.

This has never happened. In fact, it is medically wrong to have this number of children through IVF.

However, because of the circumstances of the birth of her children, people became interested in knowing her net worth. Octomom has 14 children, and she takes care of them single-handed. In this article, you’ll learn more about Octomom, who she is, her net worth, and how she can fend for her children.

Who is Octomom?

Octomom is an American media personality whose real name is Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman. She was born on the 11th of July, 1975. She is 38 years old and lives in Fullerton, California, USA.

She got the name Octomom from the media after the birth of her eight children, which went viral because of how unique it was. In January 2009, she became the first person to give birth to the first set of surviving octuplets born through In Vitro fertilization (IVF).

Octomom began her IVF journey at age 21 in 1997. In 2021, she gave birth to her first child, a son. In 2002, she gave birth to her first daughter. After these two children, she continued her IVF treatments, leading to three more pregnancies.

These pregnancies resulted in one set of fraternal twins, six children; four sons, and two daughters. Both the media and medical practitioners met with surprise and criticism of the birth of her children.

Beyond her widespread fame with the birth of her children, she is also a media personality, actor, and jack of all trades. She has taken on different jobs, and side hustles to help with providing for her large family.

Besides her 14 children, there are other facets to Nadya Suleman’s life. She is a divorcee who was married in 1996 to Marco Guiyierrez. They separated in 2000, and Guiterrez filed for a divorce in November 2006. However, the divorce was completed in January 2008.

There has been speculation on who donated the sperm for her IVF. However, Nadya confirmed it wasn’t her ex-husband. Instead, it was a friend who donated. Despite her popularity, Nadya Suleman, also known as Octomom, has faced much public backlash and disapproval.

She has been accused of being an opportunist because of the monetary gain from Government help for child support. Despite these accusations, Nadya Suleman has owed huge amounts of debt.

  • Early life

Nadya Suleman was born in Fullerton, California. Her father is Edward Doud Suleiman, a Palestinian restaurant owner who became a realtor and later served as a translator in Iraq, and her mother, Angel Victoria Suleman, is a schoolteacher of Lithuanian descent.

Nadya Suleman was the only child of her parents. She had her high school education at Nogales High school in Lapuente, California. After that, she attended Mt. San Antonio College in Walter, where she bagged a psychiatric technician license.

After her studies at Mt. At San Antonio college, she moved to California State University, where she bagged a bachelor’s science degree in Child Development and worked for a state mental hospital for three years before she started having her children.

Being the only child of her parents, she lived a content life as a child, and everything she needed was made available to her. However, she was not pleased that she was an only child and wanted to have siblings. Nadya pleaded with her mum to have more children, but it didn’t happen.

Nadya Suleman felt there was a kind of joy and fulfillment that she missed because she didn’t have siblings. We wouldn’t be wrong to say her desire for a bigger family was birthed out of her desire and inability to have siblings.

  • Career

Nadya Suleman has a science educational background, but she left all that and followed a career in Arts, media, and entertainment. She is a recording artist, stripper, and actor. She has also been a porn actress, celebrity boxer, and nude model.

In 2012, Nadya Suleman recorded a single with recording artist Adam Barta, resulting from a show they had together. In 2011, Nadya started her boxing career, which she did to raise funds.

She took part in a box in-game with a list of D-list celebrities like Long Island Lolita and Amy Fisher. Nadya Suleman is also an award-winning actress, and she starred in an adult film titled “Octomom’s Home Alone.”

This video won an award for the best celebrity sex tape. Nadya also worked as a stripper in a men’s club and released a single called “sexy party” with Adam Barta. At some point, she didn’t want to continue with her job as a porn star because of her convictions, but after a while, she had a rethink and gave conditions to her producers.

She agreed to feature in these movies but will do it alone. So practically, it wouldn’t count as sex, she reasoned. She would explain to her children when that older. In 2012, she also worked on an online debate on parenting with Michael Lohan.

She was paid to take part in this debate. Nadya does a lot of other jobs to provide for her 14 children. In 2012, she also starred in a horror film called “666 the devil’s child”.

  • Children.

octomom net worth 2022

Nadya Suleman has 14 children, which she had through IVF. She had eight at once, and the other six were given birth at different times. She gained prominence because of the birth of her children.

The doctor reportedly accused Nadya Suleman of being the cause of the unethical behavior on his part, and this is because she insisted he inserted the eight embryos. Nadya Suleman hasn’t had an easy time caring for her children, but she has taken on all kinds of jobs because of them.

The money she used for the IVF was paid as compensation for an injury she sustained while working as a healthcare provider. Nadya Suleman has kept her children off the public eye for over ten years.

Octomom’s eldest children are Elijah, Amerah, Joshua, Aidan, and the twins, Calyssa and Caleb. The other six 12 years old are Noah, Jonah, Josiah, makai, Mariya, Aaliyah, Jeremiah, and Isaiah.

Nadya Suleman (Octomom) Net worth.

At the time of her children’s birth, Nadya Suleman was a jobless single mother on the verge of bankruptcy. In 2022, she was worth an estimated $300,000. Some of this money was gotten from the different jobs she had to take to help cater to her large family, but a good chunk was the pay and royalties from her recent adult film, Octomom: Home Alone.

With this sizable sum of money, Nadya Suleman acquired a 5,000-square-foot property in Palmdale, California, which is her most expensive asset and property. For now, we can’t say Nadya Suleman is rich, considering the amount of debt she has in her name and the number of responsibilities she has to shoulder.

Octomom Quotes

Here are some of Nadya Suleman’s most popular quotes;

  • “I take accountability for being dumb and irresponsible.”
  • “I have embraced every day with gratitude.”
  • “The Ultimate lesson from my entire experience is you cannot prejudge human beings. you just can’t. I don’t care who they are, what their behavior, or what you.ve heard about. you have to be able to meet the person and talk with them, and even then, that’s not even enough to prejudge them.”
  • “I couldn’t even fathom the idea of having my own children out in the world and not know them.”
  • “I never set out to become an ‘Octomom'”
  • “There’s possibly nobody who could have hated ‘Octomom’ more than I.”

Nadya Suleman has acquired a lot of money in her work, but a lot of it can not be accounted for since she spends thousands of dollars on food, toys, diapers, child care, etc. Taking care of such a large family alone isn’t an easy feat, and it sure will create a hole in anyone’s pocket.

At some point, she inherited some money from her late aunt, and at another time, she gained about $160,000 as compensation for an injury she got due to work. However, her net worth as of 2022 was $300,000.

Apart from other jobs she has taken over the years, Nadya Suleman, popularly known as Octomom, works as a counselor with patients with drug and alcohol addictions.

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