What To Study To Become a Billionaire

Have you thought of what to study to make you a billionaire? If yes, then you have good thoughts. If you had billions of dollars as your net worth, what are the kinds of assets you will acquire? Will you buy the most expensive penthouse in the world? Cars are also another option. You can cruise around the streets of America in one of the world’s most expensive vehicles which cost at least close to one million dollars. Well, it shouldn’t be too much for a billionaire. A billionaire is not rich, such a person is wealthy! As a billionaire, you can buy what you want when you want to.

Is it possible to study a course at the University and turn out to be a billionaire? In this article, you get all the information needed on the path to take on your journey of becoming a billionaire. Most people do not know what they can achieve by studying certain courses in the University. If you become experienced and skilled in the job, you would receive an incredible boost in that line and make a mammoth amount of money.

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Who is a billionaire?

A billionaire is a person who possesses a net worth of at least one billion units of a particular currency. In most cases, the currency must be a major currency. You cannot compare the wealth of a person in a less recognized currency to the likes of dollars, euros, pounds sterling, and so on.

Before you can become a billionaire as an American, your net worth must be at least a billion dollars. A billionaire is someone who is above millions. A billionaire has a large sum or large assets that are greater than a million. For instance, someone with over 900 million dollars net worth is still a millionaire but with more effort, such a person will become a billionaire.

How long does it take to become a billionaire?

Becoming a billionaire is not a day’s job. You cannot become a billionaire overnight. You must have put several steps into effect before you can become a billionaire. As an illustration, if you are an entrepreneur running a small but lucrative business, such a business cannot make you a billionaire in months. It entails extra effort and multiple sacrifices to become a billionaire.

There are prominent billionaires in the world with massive net worths. The likes of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg among others are billionaires and it didn’t take them a year to achieve this feat. Most of them experienced failure in businesses but didn’t back down.

In most cases, new entrepreneurs start a business in a month with a huge amount of money and mumble about not making millions yet. The journey of becoming a billionaire involves taking risks. You can invest millions in a business but you are yet to see results. It doesn’t mean you should stop, keep on going because those millions may yield billions.

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What to study to become a billionaire.

There are courses you can study that have a high probability of making you a billionaire. The following are jobs or courses with the tendency:

1. Software development.

As a software developer, you will surely make huge amounts in millions. You cannot become a billionaire with the job in a few years. At least, you must have been in the field for a decade or more before you make an enormous profit. You cannot be a fresh graduate in the field and expect to make billions on your first job. Rome wasn’t built in a day, it takes gradual process and consistency.

The world today is a computerized world and the need for new software is imminent. Software developers are responsible for the creation of this software used for day-to-day activities.

2. Investment Banking.

As an expert in investment banking, you are on the journey of becoming a billionaire the more you gather experience in the field. First, who is in charge of investment banking? What do they do? Those in charge of investment banking are called investment bankers and they act as the middleman between buyers and sellers of companies.

They are also charged with the responsibility of making corporate deals happen between these companies. They give expert ideas and advice to clients on sales and stocks. If the deal works, they get enormous profit. So, as an experienced investment banker, you will make successful deals and more profit.

3. Entertainment.

The entertainment industry is seriously leading the game. In anything you do in a day, entertainment is involved. Many entertainers are billionaires or something very close. When talking of entertainment, it ranges from acting, singing, comedy, and so on. The world’s most popular entertainers have made a fortune out of this occupation.

As an illustration, Tyler Perry a prominent American actor has over a billion dollars net worth and he acquired most of it through his movies. Also, the iconic rappers Jay Z and Kanye West are billionaires today and they acquired such wealth via the sales of albums and live performances.

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4. Real estate development.

Specialists in real estate development are called real estate developers. It is one of the best fields to become a billionaire. The rate at which people acquire properties in the United States is increasing. There are several individuals in the society without their own house yet and most people strive to own their own houses.

Although, as a real estate developer you must possess wealth. The job of a real estate developer is to renovate and re-lease an existing property. They also engage in the sales of developed lands. There is tremendous profit in the sales of properties. You tend to attain multiple figures of what you invested.

5. Athletics and Sports.

When you decide to study Athletics and Sports, it is feasible to make you a billionaire. Most people enjoy sports and they are inclined to pay for tickets to see their favorite team or sportsman. Athletics and Sports range from soccer, basketball, tennis, and gulf among others. As a sportsperson, you are not only going to make millions, you are also going to enjoy glory, fame, and so on.

Being a top sportsperson, you are also going to obtain endorsement deals and make more money apart from the ones you receive. As an illustration, Michael Jordan is believed to be the NBA’s greatest of all time and he is worth over 1.5 billion dollars. You cannot ignore the fact that most people around the world enjoy sports and they make sure that they watch their favorite superstars.

6. Author/writing.

Writing entails the use of words and sentences of a language to construct ideas and pass a message to the public. Being an experienced writer or author will fetch a huge amount of money. As a writer, most works of art cannot go beyond you. Who do you think is in charge of developing those incredible storylines of your favorite movies? Who puts down images on paper? Who constructs the plot and Idea of a story? These are jobs that a writer is specialized in.

Nonetheless, it isn’t easy to become a top-notch writer or author. Getting a publishing deal can be an enormous task and when it is conserved, you will make enough from your creativity. For instance, JK Rowling is one of the richest authors in the world. Shee created the Harry Potter books which were rejected 12 times before it was published in 1997. Today, the Harry Potter story is one of the greatest and will continue to live on for generations.

7. Invention.

There is no doubt that people enjoy inventions that will make their day-to-day activities easier and faster. The world has experienced several innovations in technology and it has been the lone reason why the world is advanced today. Currently, Elon musk is believed to be the greatest inventor and businessman of all time. How was he able to achieve this? He came up with new unique and innovative ideas which most people in the world need. He is presently the richest man in the world and he is worth hundreds of billions.

Inventors are recognized for sweeping imagination and ingenious ideas. They are the pioneers of new products who also know how to pass them to the right audience. Note that being an investor is not easy. Even if you can create a masterpiece, it wouldn’t make you a billionaire overnight. You should contemplate what to do and how to get the right audience for such innovations.

In conclusion, these are jobs or courses to study to become a billionaire. These jobs don’t make you a billionaire immediately you study them. You must have sufficient skills and experience in the field to get the best results. After getting the skill, you should also be patient and consistent with how you operate.

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